The foundation of us as a union is to be there for our Members; to provide outstanding student opportunities and to encourage and embrace every student.

Academic Support and Representation

393 Students Cases

We formally supported 393 students with serious academic issues.  This is a marginal decrease from 2016/17, which is to be celebrated, however this is likely due to a reduction in overall student numbers and still represents a 417% increase in seven years.


In the National Student Survey students are asked whether “The students’ union effectively represents students’ academic interests” and our rating increased from 50 to 54 in 2017

Students at Broadstairs

We worked extensively with the University to secure positive learning and living outcomes, as well as disruption payments, for the students affected by the closure of the Broadstairs Campus.


Our Q34 rating – “The students’ union has enhanced your student experience” increased from 31 to 38 which, although lower than we would like, represents a strong positive trajectory on which to build.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

We bugun to formally work with the University on the development of the new Mental Health and Wellbeing Framework for Christ Church.  Based upon guidance from Universities UK, the Framework will take a holistic whole-University approach to positively contribute to positive staff and student mental wellbeing.

Need someone to talk to?

Nightline Launches

The student-led peer-to-peer listening service, Canterbury Nightline, launched in January as a joint project with the University, the University of Kent, and Kent Union after being initially proposed and developed by the Christ Church Student Minds Society.

Take a breather


Puppy Day’s are a great way to take your mind off studies and have some great puppy fun too. We also used the event to fundraise for charity with our Oct 2017 event raising £1270 for TAG Pet Rescue.

Puppy Day - October 2017

Here's our latest Puppy Day video! We run these events not only because we think puppies are awesome but because it also helps raise money for charity.Our students are constantly fundraising too so have a look at and see all the great charity work they've been doing.

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Free Treats

Students in the library got treats of fresh fruit and water throughout the #StressLess period encouraging them to take a few minutes break and ensure they’re looking after themselves.

Students in the library got a treat this week when Biba and Nick gave out free fruit and water to help #StressLess.They're there today too 12-2pm so keep an eye out! #HelloChristChurch

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End Period Poverty

Free Sanitary Products

We offered free sanitary products to anyone who needed them and opened this up to students, staff and members of the public who could simply walk in and take what they needed. #TamponTax #PeriodPoverty