We value the diversity of our student body and the communities we live in.  This, together with a commitment to equality of opportunity and actively removing barriers to participation ensures we have an accessible, inclusive and cohesive culture.

Canterbury Pride

Showing our support

In June 2018, students and staff took part in Canterbury Pride, the annual event celebrating the LGBT+ community, with thousands of people coming together in the city centre to join in the carnival atmosphere.  We even saw S Club!

celebrating our various cultures

International Food and Culture Fair

As part of One World Week our international student societies showed off their amazing food and performing skills!

International Food and Culture Fayre 2019

Who enjoyed our #OneWorldWeek International Food and Culture Fayre last Friday? We loved trying new food, meeting our fantastic students and having a dance with you all.Can you spot anyone you know in our video?

Публикувахте от Christ Church Students' Union в Петък, 1 март 2019 г.

World Mental Health Day

Working with the university put on a range of activities celebrating World Mental Health Day on 10 October 2018. A day wasn’t enough though so we had a week’s worth of events for students and staff to promote a positive environment that supports good mental health for all.

One World Week

We launched One World Week with a poetry evening featuring poetry from across the world, read in the native language.

The week also featured film screenings, lectures, and music events.

Black History Month 2018

We put on several events which formed part of a larger calendar of talks, screenings, and events showcasing, promoting and celebrating Black History Month.

Pronoun Badges

A new initiative

Jamie Harris, President (Wellbeing), introduced the ‘he’, ‘she’ or ‘they’ badges to indicate which pronoun to use when addressing the wearer.


 “It is important that we offer these badges so that we can normalise the sharing of pronouns and everyone can be referred to without the generic grouping of trans and non-binary people.”


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We only have one planet

Climate Change Protests

We joined students from around the UK and the world in a strike in Canterbury city centre, demanding for action on Climate Change now- it’s our future!