Dependable & Professional

We pride ourselves on being a Union that students and our stakeholders can trust and rely upon, and being an organisation that staff and volunteers want to be a part of.

Doing our bit for the environment

We're Excellent

We were again awarded NUS Green Impact Excellent, one of only 15 SU’s in the country to be accredited with this, with a score that was 76% above the national average.


We were successful in bidding for an industrial grade food composter for the main Canterbury Campus, helping to reduce waste to landfill.

Getting our message out there

Communication and Transparency

It is no good being good if nobody knows it.  As a membership organisation it is even more important we are effective at two-way communication with all students at Christ Church to remain relevant to student life.


Recognition of the Sabbatical Leadership Team has increased by 71% on two years.

Our Website recorded nearly 520,000 visits.

Social Media

The Union’s Facebook page reached nearly a million people across the year.

Recognising Excellence

Sports Federation Dinner

Almost 480 students attended the annual Sports Federation Dinner at the Margate Winter Gardens, celebrating another successful year for #TeamChristChurch.

Who will win what at this year’s Sports Fed Dinner? Watch to find out

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SAA 2018

We celebrated the achievements of Christ Church Societies and Student Voice volunteers at the Student Activities Awards.


Hop Picking

We had a great team building day picking hops and making beer on North Holmes Road Campus. A great way to get out of the office as a team and enjoy some sunshine!

CCSU Go Hop Picking!

Did you know we make our own beer?It's called the 'St Thomas Pale Ale' and was launched at the Canterbury Food and Drink Festival. This beer also managed to take home THIRD PLACE at the festival!Have a look at this short video of Christ Church Students' Union alongside CCCU Sustainability hop pocking!You can buy this beer from The Foundry, The City Arms or the Lounge Bar and Kitchen - Christ Church Students' Union

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Celebrating Staff

Wed 24th May saw the 9th annual Golden Apple Awards hosted by the Students’ Union. 240 members of staff came together to celebrate great teaching, support and all round brilliant student focused performance.

Sports Membership Model

The new Membership Model for sports was embraced by many clubs and this further enhanced the accountability of club committee’s and the development of the employability and leadership skills of members.  


INCOME 2017/18

Grant from the University – £712,096 (70.5%)

Events, such as Summer Ball, Freshers’ Week, and Sports Federation Dinner – £90,781 (9%)

Opportunities, sports clubs, societies, and student media – £91,866 (9%)

Commercial and other income, including NUS Extra Cards, sponsorship, merchandise, etc – £115,935 (11.5%)

TOTAL INCOME = £1,010,678

Income Explainer

In addition to the £712k direct grant the University also provided £246,091 of in-kind support, including not charging £240k rent for the St. George’s Centre. The University also directly supported The Lounge, the Summer Ball, and Varsity.



Staff pay, including employer pension and National Insurance contributions – £399,915 (41.5%)

Opportunities, supporting sports clubs, societies, and student media – £187,858 (19.5%)

Student Voice, including elections, NUS affiliation, campaigns, and Sabbatical Officer pay – £116,238 (12%)

Events, expenditure on events such as Summer Ball and Sports Federation Dinner – £90,547 (9%)

Communications – £28,517 (3%)

Central and other costs, including depreciation, support agreements with the University, insurance and audit – £147,286 (15%)


Expenditure Explainer

The Union made a surplus of £40,317, excluding £4,927 of sports club and society balances.  As we are not-for-profit, £35,390 went into savings for the future.

A note to Broadstairs Campus

by Clare Davis, Broadstairs Campus Coordinator

It is with a heavy heart that we say Goodbye to our Broadstairs Campus at the end of this semester.  The Students’ Union has been a part of Broadstairs since it first opened in September 2000 and fun times have been had over the years.


I have been in post as the Broadstairs Coordinator for the last 3 years and over that time I have met some truly talented students who have been a joy to work with.


Our mission within the Students’ Union is to better student life and enrich student experiences and looking back at the Freshers Week Events, Freshers Fayres, Summer Fun Event, Charity Gigs and Puppy Days we’ve had, I think we have played our part.


It was always my ambition to encourage students at Broadstairs to get involved and they certainly have.   New societies have been set up and the Broadstairs band, City Players, kicked off the Summer Ball this year.  The Broadstairs Welcome Crew were definitely in a league of their own, each member giving up their time day after day throughout Freshers Week to welcome new students to Broadstairs, to introduce them to their circle of friends, to make them feel at home and to give them the best start at CCCU.  I could not have done my job without them all.


Despite its size, Broadstairs is a solid community of incredibly friendly students who are there for each other. I wish all those transitioning over to Canterbury the best of luck, good times are ahead and the Students’ Union will be there for you.